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New WIndow then get Record Being Modified.. Giving me fits!


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I'm sure the trusty fourm adminstrators will put this post into the right forum.

I just wanted to express my frustrations and see if anyone else had a simple solution...

Problem: I'm going nuts and having fits.

Cause: I'm using the new "New Window" feature in some new v8 solutions (as opposed to GoToLayout a la version < 6.)

When I use "New Window", I frequently get the message that the record cannot be modified because it's being modified in another window or another plane of the universe.

I've tried tediously putting a blank "GoToField[]" before any instances of the new window steps, but I still get some frustrating experiences, but less predictable.

I've wasted lots of valuable developement time on some new projects playing around with this and I'm just about ready to go back to my previous world where you have only one window open at a time, moving from layout to layout. It also seems like I'm asking for trouble naming the windows and then refering to them in cripts to close, adjust resize them by name... this seems like it's just an invitation to all sorts of screw ups.

Does nayoen have a down and dirty way to ensure that I can open new windows without having to worry about already modifiying some other, unseen window?

I seem to have lost my sanity, if anyone finds it please send me an email.

PS - My current project isn't nearly completed yet and I already have 41 tables and 97 value lsits... wow... This is were all those separte FMP6 files are kinda handy.. sometimes my head jsut spins working with this one. I can't bring myself to use the data/interface separation model - any change in my conceptualization woudl really set me back in this project but this feels out of hand much of the time. (That's why I'm up at 2:30 AM posting this!)

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Hi Bruce,

Adding a Commit Records/Requests first will do the trick. 'Modifying in another window' has plagued me also in the past but, now that all my scripts start with this step before opening the new window, I haven't had one occurrence. I was raised on a farm and we were taught to always close the gate behind us ... it applies in FM as well. I always think about where I'm leaving my cursor and pull it up as I move around (by using a Commit).

And yes, working in the new model is painful - before we had 20 layouts in each file - now we have a hundred to scroll in ONE file etc. I hope vs. 9 makes this even easier to handle ... :smile2:


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"Close the gate behind you..." I like it. I can relate (farm boy too - I wonder if it same holds true in FMP that you never want to ride shotgun in the pick-up, always choose the middle seat otherwise you end up jumping out open and closing gates all day).

I was using the GoToField[] thinking that would server the same as the Commit. Must not though...

I'll gove the Committ Record step a try prior to any navigational scripts.

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This topic is 5723 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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