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Improving PatternCount searching

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Fitch    148

The technique described is OK, but we've had FilterValues since FileMaker 7.


Rather than:

PatternCount ( "¶" & List ( cListOfJobIDs ) & "¶" ; "¶JOB11333¶" )

You can do this:

FilterValues( List ( related::JobIDs ) ; "JOB11333" )

The result will be the text you searched for, rather than a boolean. You can then test for IsEmpty.


Another nice thing about FilterValues is that you can test for multiple values at once.


PS: your original formula was missing that second ampersand.

PPS: note that single pilcrows no longer need quotes since FileMaker 7.

PPPS: it seems likely that cListOfJobIDs is already a list, so you wouldn't wrap it in a List function.

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