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whats wrong with my Insert File


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attached a image my code doing a Insert File


Thought this work once???

.. coming back doing some final testing..

its filing with a error 102 saying field is missing...


 Anyone see anything obvious??


The layout is using Config file

The field is global container

The file i am inserting to the container field is a zip file

My full path looks good

This zip file is in a folder one up from my applications root folder called /KisstarDL

The _NEW_KisExe.zip is in  /KisstarDL    folder




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not quite sure why.. its working again..

My layout didn't have or need the container field showing...

so I put it on the layout to see it.. just for my info to watch it load and clear


now its not getting error 102//


Any explanations?

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My layout didn't have or need the container field showing...



Hi Rod,


Are you sure about that?  FM Help says down in its notes:


If there is no active container field on the layout where the script is being performed, Insert File returns an error code that can be captured with the Get(LastError) function.


Anyway, it's working for you now.  But it would sure be good to find out why it wasn't working.  It is a great learning opportunity!    :laugh2: 

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FileMaker Help doesn't specifically say so, but FileMaker 12 Developer Reference (Bowers, Heady, Lane, Love) says


This script step inserts a file into a selected container field on the current layout.



You can put it offscreen or make it tiny, but it apparently must be there.

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I guess I wasn't very clear, Doug, thanks for speaking up.  But if you get an error when you attempt to insert a field into a container that isn't on the layout then that also says it doesn't work.  Insert File  ... and Notes explains it.


So if this indeed is Rod's situation, I think we've covered it.  If not, we'll need to look elsewhere such as a not-considered script trigger etc.    But since it began working when he placed the container on the layout then ... that is probably it.  :laugh2:

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This topic is 2600 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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