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'paste' from clipboard not working in Windows 8 using keyboard shortcut?


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I have a client that just moved from FM 9 to FM 13.  This is a school that has many teachers that used the database via IWP, so now they're using WebDirect.  FM 13 is new for me, and I'm not a Windows person.  So far, I haven't done any modifications of the layouts that were used via IWP.  Other than the error below, everything seems to be working.


I've just gotten reports that users are unable to copy text in Word and paste it into a database text field, if they use the 'control-v' keyboard command.  They are running Windows 8, and a variety of browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox).  I had them try it via the browser 'edit' menu, and they were successful.


I have Windows 7 on a virtual machine on my mac, and the keyboard shortcuts work for me.  Does anyone have any idea what might be happening here?  I've searched, and haven't found anything related to this on the internets.


Many thanks in advance!

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I had the same issue and have now fixed it.  I found Administrators with full privilege set could use edit menu (and copy/paste shortcut) but other users with less privilege could not.  So the problem was not with the version of Filemaker or Window/Mac but just a Security Setting.


My fix was this.  Log on as Administrator.

File > Manage > Security

Privilege Sets

Double click on the set with the users who have the issue.

The final setting on the right is Available menu commands:


Mine was set to Minimum

I changed it to Editing only


That fixed the problem for all those users.

So this isn't a bug, just a feature :-)

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This topic is 2397 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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