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Windows IIS Issue With FileMaker Server 13


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Hi All, 

I've mainly used Mac Servers for the majority of my databases, so apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge of Windows IIS.


Currently running Windows Server 2008 R2 for one of my clients servers. Previous to upgrading to FMS13 the default IIS web site worked along side Instant Web Publishing. When I upgraded earlier in the year to FMS13 it wouldn't allow both the default web site and web direct to run at the same time (due to port conflict), so it disabled the default web site in IIS and created a FMWebSite site. This was fine at the time as the server is only used for FileMaker, and web direct was working fine. 


The client has now bought a domain name they would like to use for web direct instead of an IP address. So I altered the DNS records for the domain and pointed at the server. You can use the domain name with the direct path to web direct so http://www.mydomain.com/fmi/webdbut of course the client would like to just type http://www.mydomain.com into the web browser.


So I was going to create a redirect in a html page (index.html) and drop it into the main directory. However, the default web site is disabled in IIS, so I can't drop it in there, and it won't let me enable it due to port conflict. If I drop it into the FMWebSite IIS Site (file path: Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/Conf) it doesn't display. When you go to the domain it is just a blank page (no html is loaded at all, no IIS Page, No FMS test page) - it hasn't displayed anything since upgrading to FMS13.


Haven't got FMS13 running on any other windows machines, so wondered if the FMWebSite in IIS is normal, and if anyone is able to create a index.html for the root of their domain/ip? Or if there are any other solutions out there. 


Thanks in advance,


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If anyone does come across this issue, I have found a solution! 


mydomain.com/index.html was loading, just not mydomain.com

There was a URL Rewrites within the FMWebSite site redirecting all traffic going to /, so I added a new URL Rewrite rule to change traffic going to / to go to /index.html. This did not effect /fmi/webd/ so all is well!


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This topic is 2933 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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