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Student Evaluation


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I am new to Filemaker but can understand today a little more than yesterday. =-)


So, I have a database with students who apply for Examinations.


Now we are using... PAPER! For this work and we want to port it to digital so the Examinations can be done faster and

give faster results for students.


It is all in a table like with their names in a collum on the left and blank spaces on the right for the Yes/No grade.

And, there are the many subjects that are evaluated for them in the upper part of the table.




         |       Kick           |         Punch       |       Grabs        |    Total: Error / Detail |   Result

Joe   |  Error / Detail  |   Error / Detail   |  Error / Detail   |           1    /     3          |   PASS / FAIL / ?



So, as the examination goes, each student is atributted a Note if his movement was an Error or a Detail and

at the end of his line the totals are added. At the end of it all, the student has a result of maximum of 4 errors and 4 details,

above it is FAIL. 


It all should be easy to pick and choose. Maybe check box on the Subjects ERROR / DETAIL and the final result should

automatically display Pass Fail or give the option (combo box) to give a "?" sign, as this student shall be evaluated by

other itens not only the grades.


I am trying this but could not make it work yet. Can someone help guiding me?


Today it is all done in paper and for each examination there are more than 100 people. Thats why it should be fast and easy

for the Examinator.












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This topic is 2916 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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