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Lovely code and very well thought out :  )  Thank you Tim.


This is perhaps a very obvious issue but I am missing it somehow.


error 5 after first Perform Script in  Ping Server.  Respond to Client Ping
resulting in alert box "Unable to connect to server"


I can use my domain name to connect with the console on my server.
I can open my server database remotely using my domain name

Also can upload to server with same domain name.

When I try to add ( add button ) a File Menu | Manage | External Data Sources, as required for easy sync,  it does not show any of the available databases on the server to select from as I would have expected, through WAN, files do show when on LAN with Server... Is a different port required to be forwarded to the server?


Even on the LAN when the External Data Sources adds correctly and in Ping Server < unknown > shows as "Respond to Client Ping" and console shows incoming user connection...

Alert: EasySync Error: "Unable to connect to server"


Have rechecked EasySync install and reviewed items in trouble shooting page for EasySync.
Also used EasySync Recipe  ( Watch the 

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FMEasySync Demo FM_Surveys now working fine on the Server.
There were two redirects on the router for the server, one for wifi and one for ethernet port.
May have been a conflict there.  Removed the wifi leaving only the ethernet reference.
Re-selected the server file in the External Data Source, now visible, and it works :  )


However still issues with my database


Resolved:  Error 5 was coming from OnRecordLoad: Check Layout ( Server )

Disabled the if statement in the script for now and this issue goes away and we move on with the sync.


Now works although it does complain:

“The Pull request has failed. No Payload was received from the server.”

All tables are push there is no pull table defined for FMEasySync in this solution … but that is another issue :  )


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This topic is 3184 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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