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Selectable line item from portal

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I have a master portal that lists an abundant of information.

I then want to, based on that master portal, make a selection and transfer or link info into another layout. This same information from the master portal will get used in a variety of different records.

Also the information that is transferred or linked to may change

Can someone offer the best direction to tackle this as I am not sure how to get there. Looking just to be pointed in the right direction.

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Create a button in each row of the master portal (or use one of the fields, you can make that more apparent by formatting that field differently, or use all fields, or use a transparent button that spans the length of the portal), then use button setup with go to related record, or perform script with a go to related record line.

Or, you can create a script that is invoked using button setup->perform script that captures the record ID in a global variable, then change to another layout, and find that record ID. Make sure you set the variable before you change layout though.

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I do this quite a lot in my work database using go to related record and stating which table / layout I want.


In one portal, I often click and get sent to the first record in the portals data rather than the one I clicked on. (once this has happened once, clicking from the portal usually work fine).


I believe this is usually due to problems with the relationships, but I've tried re-jigging them with no luck - are there any other solutions that I could try? Can I script my way round the problem?




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OK, well I've fixed my wrong record with this script on the offending portal.

I'm sticking with "Go to related record" for all the portals that work properly though!!

Set Variable [ $PupilID; Value:Pupil_Class_Assess_Join::PupilID ]
Enter Find Mode [ ]
Go to Layout [ “Pupils” (Pupils) ]
Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Pupils::PupilID: “=$PupilID” ] [ Restore ]
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This topic is 2041 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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      The Genre data is already arranged like this:
      Genre::ID (Unique Key)

      The Platform data is 'simple'. ID and Name. But each item could be multiple platforms.  (Example #1 vs. Example #2)
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      This should be easy, but my brain just won't cooperate!
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      1-1      Beakers, 500ml    4
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      Thanks and keep yourselves safe!
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      Yes, I did say iPhone 5 -
      I have a small database i created that has a few portals on different layouts - Everything works fine on my Mac, fine on my iPhone X, even fine on my iPad mini
      However, I need it to also work on an old iPhone 5 and the portal data is just blank - nothing. In fact, I really ONLY need it to work on this old iPhone 5 (This particular database will go to a music festival to be used by several other people and I can't give them my iPhone) 
      I have another layout with different portals that are working on the iPhone 5 - but not this main screen. 
      I have made sure that all of my fields are small and inside the portal. - So, I am stuck as to why? BTW - It is Filemaker Go (The latest version that I can install on an iPhone 5)

    • By cat traveller
      Hi everyone,
      on a file accessed via filemaker Go 17, I am using a scripted navigation to move records up and down in a portal that is inside a popover.
      This has worked in filemaker 12 like a charm and also works on a filemaker client. The records smoothly move up and down the list. 
      However in Filemaker Go, the portal follows every move of the script as if it is not aware of the freeze portal.
      EG the down button is to move the record one record further down inside the filtered and sorted portal (like so)
      This is the script.

      - freeze window and go to portal
      - go to first line of portal and loop through the portal until I hit the record to move
      - go to next line and give the position field the value of my record to be moved
      - go to line above and give the position field the value of my record +1
      - commit record and refresh portal via an x join 
      - go to last line of the portal 
      - go to the line of position of my record to be moved. 
      Would anyone be aware of this issue or know a workaround to stop the portal from flickering?
      Thanks so much

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