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WebDirect: force [Guest] login?

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Suppose you have a WebDirect database that has both a [Guest] account and regular user accounts.  Is there any way with a special URL or JavaScript to do an automatic [Guest] login that bypasses the filemaker web direct login screen?


Basically, I want to have a Public area of the site which never asks for authentication, and a members-only are which does, but I don't want to confuse the Public by making them click the [Guest] button ever.

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Suppose you have a WebDirect database that has both a [Guest] account and regular user accounts.  Is there any way with a special URL or JavaScript to do an automatic [Guest] login that bypasses the f

Hi xochi

I have automatic login set for Guest access, so that everyone logs in as a guest and are directed to the Public layout.


On this layout, have a User Login button that performs a relogin and displays the members-only layout.




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1. Depending on the configuration of your server, there can only be a maximum of 50 concurrent users, so my guess is that Webdirect wouldn't suit a high traffic volume site anyway.

2. My sites are low volume, so it's not an issue.




Just looking at this myself .  

Would this only work in limited guest / invited to the website scenario. If it were a public website wouldn't it potentially have lots of guests and need buckets of concurrent connections?



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I tried setting the File Options to default to [Guest] login and this solved my issue.   WebDirect will default to the guest login and won't bother the user asking which login they want.  I can then use the Relogin script later if I need to have the user switch accounts.

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I am trying to setup my file that way as well but it always asks for login, what address should I use to go directly to the file, being already logged as guest? I have my db on Triple8 atm. Thanks.

If I try to go directly to the db link it says "database unavaliable" but if I got to the "fmi/webd#" it will ask for login as usual.

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