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Fill background with image


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There are several methods for creating standard icons in a file:  regular container, paste the image directly on the layout, use text Webdings ... but recently I have used placing the image in Inspector > Appearance > Background Fill with image.  In this way, the icon can change color on highlight etc. Then this style is saved to a custom theme.


The advantage is that I can import these 'icons' between files (by importing themes) and I can save them to the theme so it changes throughout a solution automatically.  This is particularly advantageous when I have several companies sharing a single solution because I can change icons to match their theme colors.


The problem:   When opened in web direct, all I get is a solid-colored square.  I know normally we make separate layouts for web direct but in this current situation, the existing layouts will work perfectly except for a few of these buttons.  And regardless, I would have the same issue on a web direct layout.


I've tried many different types of icons and images but I am no Images Master and I do not understand the differences in rendering on why images placed in Appearance::background (images) will not work on Web Direct.  Before I give up on this idea for this project, because it is truly my preferred approach, do others have suggestions on image quality or type which might allow this to work?


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Thank you for helping me!


Unfortunately, it does not work, displaying the same bad behavior.  Please see screen shot.  The top is Web Direct and the bottom is desktop (which displays same whether browse or layout modes).


What can make the difference?


These buttons are popover buttons.

The file was created in 2007.

The file is currently using River iPad theme.


Even if I create a new theme (such as Enlightened) and even if I save the style to the theme, the display in Web Direct is the same.


Chrome 40.0.2214.111

Safari 7.1.3

OSX 10.9.5

FMPA 13.0v4


I asked another Developer to test it on Yosemite and he gets just the tan square as well.



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Thank you.  This is what I see when I open your layout in Web Direct.  The files are served on FMS 13.0v5.


What possibly could be causing this inconsistency between what we are seeing?


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interesting... same file


windows server: fmps  :


any client platform and browser



mac server: fmps: :  


mac : chrome, safri

PC: explorer 11



mac: firefox

pc: chrome

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LOL, well that's consistently inconsistent!  I guess we'll use containers and reconsider the issue again when time to rebuild the solution.  I appreciate you taking the time to help me pin it down.  :-)

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This topic is 2797 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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