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Connection timeframe issue

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Hi everyone


I am setting up a new site using filemaker php api and have started having a problem which I think is related to whether the filemaker connection is established or new.


Basically when there is no connection already existing (ie the php connection is not visible on the server when I first attempt to load in the browser) the curl function of whatever is the first request to the database on the page timeouts out and when I trace through the error appears as no connection - fmExecuteSQL failed with error 28 (using FMWebFrame)


However within a couple of seconds of attempting to load the page the connection is now visible on the server - the Curl function appears to be already running and timing out.


As soon as I refresh the page in the browser it loads perfectly. All other pages continue to run fine until I have a period of inactivity (long enough for the connection to drop on the server) and then the same problem occurs again on whatever page I try to load next.


Why is this happening? Is it a timing issue as I suspect in establishing the connection on the server? is there anyway of keeping the server connection open with php to avoid dropping and having to wait for it to re-establish?


Any other suggestions??  :smile:


Many thanks


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This topic is 3162 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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