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Connection Lost / Lock Conflicts?


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Has anyone gotten a 'lock conflicts' before?  This morning and again this evening, FileMaker has quit responding and then I get 'connection lost' message.  Here is what shows in Admin Console (attached).


Prior to today, I never had an issue accessing this remote host.  They just began implementing frequent incremental backups every 10 minutes (because of my remote work using weak connection).  Could there be a connection (LOL)? 


I am on 10.9.5 13.0v3 and server is on latest updater.

I suppose it is because I've never worked this way before; it would make sense that, if it must pause the database that I can't be in the middle of a schema change, right?  But I know I used to work on served files and when they needed to back up, they would wait for me and then proceed after.


I am a bit surprised then that my making a change to a script would cause this issue.  I originally thought that maybe the backup was taking so long that I was timed out but it is a small 16MB file and an incremental backup should be very fast on it.


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The "51" error is because the server has not received a "tickle" from your FMP in the last two minutes - server thinks you have gone away and disconnects your session.

The lock conflict falls within that 2-minute window so the real network issue probably precedes that lock conflict.


Is the timing of the lock conflict in the batch of entries for a regular backup?

Progressive backups are not logged in the event log so my first inclination is to think it happens during a a regular backup.

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I have a database with many users.  Progressive backups are running every 30 minutes.  


I get a lock event at least once a day on the progressive backups.  Although users don't get automatically booted out of the system, FMServer just skips that backup.  I am not sure if there is any impact on the end users when this happens, but I think there might be a slowdown while the server is deciding if it can run the PBU or not.


I don't think editing a script will interrupt or block a PBU.  However, I would not try to do any development on a remote host.  I would prefer to use some sort of remote access to the server (RDC) or a local client machine.



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This topic is 2828 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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