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Placing portal contents in text field w/o copy

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What I want to do is paste the contents of a portal into a text field. (A pretty good analogue of the intended use: I want to send an email to program participants who have requested it; whether they're attending one program or thirty, I want to let them know.)


A couple of years ago, in a solution tracking budgets, I wrote a version of this that worked but used the system's Copy & Paste functions. Having defined the portal as BUDGET_PORTAL, I wrote:


Go To Object [Object Name: 'BUDGET_PORTAL"]

Copy [select entire contents]

Paste [List_of_people::email_contents]

Commit Records/Requests



which worked fine (worked well, in fact) - but used the system's clipboard, which isn't desirable.


Looking for advice for accomplishing the same thing via Insert and Get commands.


I thought I had it with the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function, but it seems to want me to define content downstream of a given table, which I don't understand.

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Would not the List() function work for you? Not sure what you mean by "Insert and Get commands" - if you're sending an e-mail, then the content can be calculated right inside the Send Mail[] script step.


Another option is to loop over the related records and collect the necessary data into variable/s, then use the variable/s in the calculation.

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This topic is 2808 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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