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auto-enter calc works on all computers except one

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We have a numeric field which has an auto-enter calculation defined that replaces existing value to replace a point by a comma.

Settings in inspector of portal field: go to next object using tab, return and enter, input method 'automatic', touch keyboard type 'system default'.


We use filemaker 13 hosted by filemaker server.


On all computers the auto-enter works like a charm except for one computer :idot:


I've been searching and searching and searching and noticed the following:


When I remove the auto-enter and use a script to substitute the point, something very strange happens on this specific computer:

  • The script doesn't modify the point in the field when I run the script with my portal row active, unless I click in the portal field that should be substituted.
  • But the script works just fine when I modify the substitute to find another character than a point for exampe a semi-colon (so it replaces the semicolon by a comma).


Help would be greatly appreciated as the computer it isn't working on happens to be my bosses.


Thank you for reading and eventually solving this mystery.

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Three things I would suggest you consider:

  1. What is the FM version with updater on your boss's computer compared to others where it works?
  2. What is the OS version with updater in comparison as in item #1?
  3. What are the system settings in comparison on currency or numbers?

I suspect that, if only a single computer suffers the difference then it must be something in your boss's settings or software.  :-)

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This topic is 2777 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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