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Missing status toolbar in webdirect

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When I login to the database in webdirect I have a white space where the toolbar would normally appear at the top of the home page.  If I click a button to any another layout, in this case my contacts or tasks, the white bar / missing tool bar persists.  Strangely, when I click the "home" button (on contacts or appointments layouts) and go back to home the white bar where toolbar would normally be is gone.  Now, when I click the menu button a second time to go back to contacts or appointments the toolbar finally appears.

It seems that returning to the home layout triggers something tells the toolbar to either load or not load based on the navigation script, rather than just leaving the white bar but I've been all through the scripts (removed or added "show/hide toolbar/menubar".  These buttons are simply going to the layout not script. Any ideas on what could be telling it to behave one way when the database first loads, and another way when I go back to the home layout? To Illustrate...


Webdirect loads.....

(Homepage, white space / no toolbar) >> (Contacts, white space / no toolbar)


(Contacts, white space/no toolbar)  >> (Homepage, no white space)


(Homepage, no white space)  >> (Contacts, toolbar appears)


After toolbar loads it persists on all layouts


Any hints or help is appreciated,


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This topic is 3101 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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