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FMEasySync Push Error 852

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Hi Guys,

I had been using FM EasySync for few months now, so it had been working fine till now.

Without having any change in the table structure, i got the error " The attempt to push data into server has failed ( The mesage recevied rom the server was "852" )

852 Error is :  Cannot write a file to the external storage

I believe this is related to container fileds I am using. There has been no change in the Container field options. They are still being stored "Externally" on the server with Open Storage option. Also there hasn't been any change on Server policies as well.

I have no clue as to what could have cause this. Anyone having idea about this ??

Thanks much.

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Perhaps it's a path issue caused by a filename that's not acceptable?

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thanks @bcooney, i think you are right. I didn't think it through. I will give it a try and search for any such file that may have caused problem while being pushed to server.

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Thanks @bcooney I was able to find a flaw in the design while being stuck with this problem. Your commet was helpful in thinking me towards that direction.



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Glad to help! Not easy troubleshooting sync, that's for sure!

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