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Displaying raw html


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I think you are looking to use a data URL to display html. Basically, you can use the following to display it in a web viewer:

"data:text/html," & $your.html.here

Does that help?

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Hey Mike do you think this same technique could be used to display just the photograph from some one's linked in page? Trying to automate a little humanity into my contacts table, and we already have everyone's linked in url captured in the database.

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Sure, you can have the HTML for displaying an image, and if your image is in a container field, you can use the base64 functions to also display that inline.

I have some examples of how you might do this in a blog post with sample file to download here:


Hope this helps.


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The picture on that page can be displayed by setting your web viewer to the following address:

I don't know what - if any - logic would allow you to calculate the image's location from the URL of a person's profile. You might be able to run a script to extract the image location from a given profile - but you would be at the mercy of the LinkedIn webmasters, who can change their schema at any time.

Whatever you do, make sure to read the site's terms of use.

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Right, ideally I am not extracting an image, but instead displaying that image from the contacts linked in profile page using a web viewer. The key is the logic display this for all contacts, given that we have a link to their linked in page already in our database.

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9 minutes ago, ddinisco said:

The key is the logic display this for all contacts,

As I said, I don't see any such logic. My guess is that they store the image on their media server under a randomly assigned name, and link that random name to the member's record in their database.


9 minutes ago, ddinisco said:

I am not extracting an image, but instead displaying that image from the contacts linked in profile page

Some web sites have rules against that.


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This topic is 1841 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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