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Conditional VL still at war


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Here I am once again fighting my particular war with conditional value lists.

I have several car fleets. Composed by cars that can have one or many owners.

Where I'm stuck is when on a day plan, I select the fleet I'm going to work on, and once selected (everything seems ok till now) I want to choose (via conditional value list) any owner of that fleet. I can't accomplish this last step.

As always I try to explain my idea as good as I can in english, but I don't get it all the time (sure comment is going to quarrel, hehe, it's a joke).

I attach a sample file to cover the gaps of my explanation, hehe.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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I need some clarification.

You have a Fleet, comprised of Cars, owned by one or more owners.

So in day plan, you want to pick a fleet, which is comprised of cars, then you want to pick a specific owner for each car in the fleet?


1.  Also, can an owner own many cars?

2.  Do you need to have percentages of ownership?

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Thanks for the answer Steve.

Is not exactly like that.

Owners own cars. With cars y make fleets of cars. So when selecting a fleet, I want to be able to select any owner into that fleet.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks again.

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I'm sorry but didn't see the edited questions.

I tried to make my sample as simple as possible and I could have been missing something.

- Fleets are comprised of cars that have the same owners. I group them by the same ownership. (The name of the fleet doesn’t matter)

Lets say:

Bugs and Peter own the Volkswagen 951236 = Fleet x
Bugs and Nikki own the Volkswagen 321987 = Fleet z
John and Nikki own the Shelby 931793 = Fleet w
Nikki owns the Ford 456987 and any other on her own = Fleet y

- I didn’t think of a percentage of ownership, but could be useful.

Thank you.

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This topic is 2755 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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