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Script to keep only a single email address in a field

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Am trying to clean up the email field on a filemaker database.  At the moment there are many records that contain more than one email address or an email address and text.

what I want to do is delete everything in the field apart from the first email address

In the vast majority of cases the required email address is the first thing in the field.  So my thinking is that the script would have to read along until it found an "@" symbol and then truncate the text at the next space comma or backward or forward slash as they are generally the methods people have used to separate the email addresses.

Apart from that am struggling - I would be delighted if someone could give me some pointers on this

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25 minutes ago, john777 said:

space comma or backward or forward slash as they are generally the methods people have used to separate the email addresses.

Can you provide an exact list of all possible separators - or more precisely, separator strings? A forward slash is a valid e-mail address character, so I presume you mean it was used surrounded by spaces? So this particular separator string would be:
" / "

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