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Fields within a tab

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I have a database that keeps track of computer system information. I have a record for each system (one per room). Within this system there are a number of different computer devices and I want to track settings such as IP addresses subnet masks and other network type information.

I have a table called “Systems” and I’m using tabs to separate the different devices within a system. Within each separate tab do I need to create a unique field for each piece of information or is there a more efficient way to do this? For example:

the first field would be device one IP address

the second field would be device one subnet mask

The third field would be device one preferred DNS

The fourth field would be device one IP address

The fifth field would be device one subnet mask

The sixth field would be device one preferred DNS


Seems like I’m missing something and there might be a more efficient way. Thank you for any help.

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37 minutes ago, BCA said:

Within this system there are a number of different computer devices

If one system can have multiple devices, then you have a one-to-many relationship between Systems and Devices - and you should use a portal to display the related records from Devices on a layout of Systems. A tab control is not really suitable for this - it is a layout-level device meant to switch between objects on the current layout, not between different records.

To view the details of one device at a time, see: 



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Hi BCA and welcome to the FM Forums,

Are you using FileMaker Pro 12,  or were you referring to the file ext of .fmp12, because Sliders weren't introduced until version 13?


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Who said anything about sliders (or slide controls)?

the first field would be device one IP address...

The fourth field would be device one IP address

I'm thinking you meant:

The fourth field would be device TWO IP address ... etc.

As comment said above, with a table for "device" you'd only need those first three fields. Each device would get its own record.


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From where it was posted.

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