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bcooney    101

I wasn't sure where this question belonged...(feel free to move it, Lee)

In a system I'm converting from FM11, there exists a set of 4 global containers which are set OnFirstWindowOpen to  4 corresponding pref field containers. This allows for system-wide highlight colors and the ability to change them in one place.

We reference those global containers in unstored calculations, simple example:

dsp_hilite , result container = if ( field=1, gBlue, gGreen)

Then, dsp_hilite is used in the background on a list view to color-code the row and a key is displayed in the footer.

Is there a way with themes/styles/conditional formatting to achieve a similar result and allow for gBlue to be changed in one place? I cannot think of one and will be very happy to be proved wrong. I'd like dsp_hilite to either go away or be stored.

tia, Barbara

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bcooney    101

guess not.

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Lee Smith    144

Maybe a mockup of the basic file will help?

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bcooney    101

Thanks, Fitch. 

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    • By Pyorkie
      Anyone have an idea on how to display the Record number in a field?
      I want the field to display the record number every time I got to the "Next or Previous" (scroll through) record.
      Thanks in advance for any help.
    • By mikil
      Hi, I have a portal with five fields - 3 text, 1 date, 1 number; the first row displays all five fields correctly and the following rows display only the text fields.
      Any ideas as to what I'm missing here?
    • By mikedr
      Just wanted to share with everyone that there is a great way to visualize tree-like structures, using GraphViz (GraphViz.org), which is an open source command line tool.  Basically, I have FileMaker create a text file indicating the nodes in the tree (corresponding to records), and the edges among the tree (corresponding to relationships).
      For Mac users, the Mountain Lion version you can download at the web site also works for Mavericks; I'll be testing it to make sure it works with Yosemite, too.
      You have a script generate the text file (I have a recursive script that goes to each child, until a record is reached that doesn't have children), and then call the GraphViz program via the command
      dot tree.txt -Tpng -o visual.png
      I think you can specify PDF, JPG, etc., in lieu of PNG.
      This problem has been vexing me for quite some time!  Once the file has been generated, you can then suck it back into FM, etc.  As a tip, you can set up a small AppleScript to "spin" until the file has been generated, so your script doesn't try to get the file before it's been created (although the creation process is essentially instananeous). 
      As an example, my script generates this text file:
      digraph DryjaPat { DP1[label="9999.001US1nDocketTestNum1nn01/10/2000"] [shape=rectangle]; DP2[label="9999.001US2nDocketTestNum2nn03/15/2000"] [shape=rectangle]; DP1 -> DP2[dir=back][label=" continuation"]; DP3[label="9999.001US3nDocketTestNum3nn02/10/2000"] [shape=rectangle]; DP2 -> DP3[dir=back][label=" divisional"]; DP4[label="9999.001US4nDocketTestNum4nn01/15/2005"] [shape=rectangle]; DP2 -> DP4[dir=back][label=" divisional"]; DP5[label="9999.001US6nDocketNum6nn01/15/2007"] [shape=rectangle]; DP4 -> DP5[dir=back][label=" continuation"]; DP6[label="9999.001US7nDocketNum7nn01/15/2005"] [shape=rectangle]; DP4 -> DP6[dir=back][label=" CIP"]; DP7[label="9999.001US5nDocketNum5nn01/22/2003"] [shape=rectangle]; DP2 -> DP7[dir=back][label=" divisional"]; } and then GraphViz generates this:

    • By TonyWells
      I think this is a simple question but I haven't been able to find an answer.
      When I am growing the entries in a drop-down list, the highlight colour is a deep blue making it difficult to read the text on the list.
      How can you change this?
      I've checked the Inspector options and researched on the web but can't find an answer.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By H1sc
      As I've been marveled at the little size of my knowledge and at the willingness to help available in this forum, I'd like to make a simple question that, although not totally fmp, is going to help on it.
      I have a database of read articles. My articles are stored completely, and I highlight portions of them. "Comment", from this forum, helped my way out on implementing background color in it, using a GetAsCss (full link: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/90644-workflow-fromtext-color-to-highlighted-background-incl-print/), and it was amazing, but I want one more thing yet.
      I'd like to know what is the easiest way to highlight something in a usable way to fmp. When I was unfamiliar with databases, and stored my articles as pdfs, I used to highlight them on uPad for iPad (which is very useful, btw). But, now, this solution does not fit my needs anymore, as I store my articles in a database.
      What I want, in short, is to know the best way to highlight something. In fmp, I made some scripts that change the color of the selected text (which work pretty well), but I would get Repetitive strain injury from all the click, select, cmd+1. In the iPad, I could use a stylus and just use it as a pen.
      What I thought would be possible is some sort of app that allowed me to easily tag parts of a .doc or .txt. Then, I could import it to fmp and script it to make as I'd like. But is there an app for that?
      Outline for iPad does a great job on the highlighting (you draw a line, it identifies the words selected and highlight it), but it doesn't meet my needs, specially considering that it doesn't support my full articles. Idea was to read on the go in the iPad and later put all in the fmp.

      Maybe I couldn't make myself clear. I have the scripts to change the selection, or to tag, or to do anything I want with a mouse and keyboard. What I'd like is a way to apply the script in the iPad (maybe there is something in fmgo that I'm missing), in a more easy-to-use way (like, pass the stylus/finger over and it gets the correct tags.
      thanks for all the help and attention.

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