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Hi everyone

i'm new in filemaker, i'm using filemaker 17 and currently i'm involve in a proyect but i have a problem that i can't resolve, maybe someone of you have had the same problem.  

I'm saving images in base64 format in a database to show them in a layout with web viewer,that doesn't has any problem, the problem is that i'm using a portal and i didn't know that portals don't support web viewer. I have to display those images but i can't remove the portal since i didn't do that layout and it has scripts using it along with the portal, is there a way to show images saved in base64 without use web viewer? (I've already tried to use container field but it only show a "?" image 😓 )


My English is not the best but I tried my best ,Thanks for your help

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I am afraid I don't understand your explanation. You should have a text field containing base64 encoded image data. Then a calculation field (result is Container) =

Base64Decode ( YourTextField ; "name.png" )

should display the reconstructed image (assuming it was a .png image originally).

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sorry for my explanation, yes you right i've done that, but I want to show the image itself, and with this code, the container shows me a png icon and not the content of the text field containing base64 encoded image data. I don't know whether  I 'm doing something wrong when I pass the data to that command or my data in base64 is bad encoded or damaged.

Base64Decode ( YourTextField ; "name.png" )

Thank you for your help, I've figured out a way to resolve this problem, I've save the images that i need to show directly in the container field without use the text encoded in base64.

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7 minutes ago, Jhon Doe said:

I don't know whether  I 'm doing something wrong when I pass the data to that command or my data in base64 is bad encoded or damaged.

I don't know that either. But it does work for me, so you can paste your data into the attached file and see what you get.



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4 minutes ago, comment said:

I am not aware of any such restriction, and I doubt it exists. A text field can contain up to 10 million characters - and the specs say nothing about any limits when processing it (except, of course, available memory).

yes, I was on mistake that was the first thing I thought because i didn't realize what  the error was. 

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This topic is 670 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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