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MS Access ODBC to Filemaker; stop Filemaker Login

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Using MS Access 2010. Filemaker 13 Pro, Filemaker 13 Server.

I have a MS Access database that that I programmed to do a lot of calculations and creates data. Now I want that data saved in a Filemaker database.  I was able to create ODBC connection to the Filemaker database.  I am able to view the Filemaker tables/data in MS Access.  

At 8AM daily I want the Access database to do the calculations, and then insert the data to Filemaker . However every time I try this, the Filemaker Login Screen comes up.  And I would have to manually enter the username and password.

Is there any way to bypass the log on screen?

Thanks in advance.

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Well I think I found it.  In Access when linking the filemaker tables via ODBC. there is a "Save Password' checkbox.  the downside is that this password is not encrypted.  However. in my case it shouldn't be a problem.  No one but IT will be accessing this access database.

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Hi Scott,

Any chance you could send me some instruction on how you got the ODBC link to MS Access?  I've been trying to make this work, and it looks like you've had some success. 



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