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System script for backup does not work with Catalina

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I have FMS17 running a system shell script that does the following:

  1. Tar the latest backup folder and leave it into a specific 'tar' folder
  2. Mount an external volume share
  3. rsync external share and tar folder

The script was running twice a day without any problem until last week when I upgraded the server OS from High Sierra to Catalina.

FMS event log just shows the following:

Schedule "schedule-name" aborted; aborted by user.

Possibly it's a problem with permissions but how to fix it?

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FMS 18v3 is the first and so far only version of FMS that is compatible with Catalina so you should expect issues when trying to run FMS17 on it.  I would suggest you roll back to Mojave and stay within support parameters.

Other than that: does your shell script do its own logging so that you know how far it gets and what errors it encounters?

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Thanks for your reply.

I decided to run the script from launchd. I'm not an expert on bash but a tool called LaunchControl has helped me to debug.

So right now I run this at start up:

/bin/mkdir -p /Volumes/share 
/sbin/mount -o nosuid,-d=777 -t smbfs //user:pwd@host.local/share /Volumes/share

This works normally: the share is mounted. From Terminal –only with root privileges– I can see the share properties:

drwxrwxrwx  1 root  wheel  16384  2 jan 21:19 share

I can also see subfolders and its files properties and it all seems fully open, but it's not, because if at the end of the script I add 

/bin/ls -l /Volumes/share

I get an 'Operation not permitted' error.

It makes no sense to me: the same running script that allows for a share mount, denies an ls.

I'm totally lost and I'm afraid that this is about MacOS, not FMS.


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Finally, after many turns, I've found what's going on:

/bin/bash needs to have Full Disk Access privileges. In order to do so I went to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy, selected Privacy tab, unlocked the settings and added /bin/bash to the list.

Now I can read and write the mounted share, but even after doing this the script doesn't work when called from FMS17 but that's a different story: first I should upgrade to FMS 18.0.3 or downgrade Catalina to Mojave, as @Wim Decorte suggested

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Hi! For all others who would encounter the same issue.

Running FMServer on version and Catalina 10.15.3, I was unable to add additional folder on external disk. FMServer was returning an invalid folder path message. 

I do almost the same thing than @naio :


Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy, selected Privacy tab, and unlocked the settings and added/checked fmserver_helperd.

The issue was solved then.

Hope it helps,



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