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A small, big problem.

We have a field to enter the 4-digit zipcode in the address, and we wanted to introduce only the code by entering the full address, I give some examples:

When entering the zip: 78130-2037 he wrote the address in the address field "SUNGATE DR", he wrote in the city field "NEW BRAUNFELS", he wrote in the state field "TX" and finally in the country field he wrote "USA"

We would only have to enter the zip and then enter the house number.

Is it possible?

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If I understand you correctly you want to enter just the zipcode + 4 and have the rest of the address info populated automatically so that the user only needs to then enter the house number?

If so, look for an address API that does just that.  It's a perfect use case for using an external service and FM is extremely good at calling such services and working with the Json data they return.

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First you need to do some homework by finding the API service that does exactly what you want at the cost you are willing to pay for it.  Most of these APIs are not free but usually do not cost a lot either.

Once you have have picked the service you want we can then help you get started with how you call their APIs and working with their responses.

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I'm doing my homework.

I have a friend who works for USPS and he manages to make available in filemaker format the database of all ZIP +4 in the USA and I thought instead of going to get the internet, could I go to get this external database?

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Sure, somewhat depends on whether you can import that into FM.

One thing to note though: these zip code change over time.  One of the benefits of working with a service is that you do not have to worry about these changes.

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Sure, but it's not ideal since it uses XML and not Json.  FM does not have native tools for XML constructing and parsing and it is entirely doable and some developers here are very proficient with XML and can certainly help you there.

Personally I would tend to look for a service that uses a REST API.

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