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Sharing database via Dynamic DNS service?

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Hi everyone,

I posted an issue about sharing a FMP file on my internal network a few weeks ago, and have now moved to the next level - I now need to share the same FMP file remotely.

In the past I have used a Dynamic DNS service (No-IP.com) with Remote Desktop to access my home iMac, but is it possible to use this service to access my database when I'm traveling via my MacBook Pro?


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Sure.  But you'll get the SSL warnings since your dynamic DNS name cannot easily be covered by an SSL certificate.

Note that you will need to set up your firewall and router to allow for and forward the FM traffic to your internal FMS machine.

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Thanks Wim (are you the only Expert reading these forums? LOL)

Can you explain how this type of "hostname" sharing needs to be setup between my "home" .fmp12 file & the "remote" MacBook Pro please?

  1. I've setup a free account with No-ip.com and have a hostname
  2. I've setup my router to allow for port forwarding using the No-ip service (Advanced/DDNS enabled)

I'm presuming my next step is to contact my ISP to check which ports I can forward - is there a specific port I need to use for FMP file sharing?

Then presumably it's just a case of adding the hostname to the "Hosts" section in the File/Hosts options.


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On #2: I don't know what that looks like exactly on your router, typically port forwarding doesn't have anything to do with with the DDNS.  The router's DDNS settings usually are there so that the DDNS service is made aware of your router's WAN IP address, but does nothing for port forwarding.

So I think you don't have the port forwarding set up yet.

You don't need to check with your ISP, FM has a set of ports it uses but the main one you need to open and forward is 5003.  If you use interactive containers in your solution you'll also need ports 80 and 443.  If you also want to use the FMS admin console remotely then add port 16000.

If this is set up correctly then the last step is to add your DDNS host name as a favorite host in FM.  That'll make it work from home.

In the office you can just pick your server from the local list.  If you use the DDNS name from inside your network, chances are that performance will suck if your traffic is routed outside of your network to come back in on that DDNS name.

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Hi Again,

Looks like this is not going to be possible - just had some interaction with my ISP support team who advise port forwarding to 5003 is not possible because:

"The reason it isn't working is you are on a CG-NAT IP address."



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