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Hello FM geniuses,

I've been trying to work out the solution to this issue for a few months now, and am losing my mind!

Essentially, in Table A I have a summary field of the total sum of commissions (all records).

I want to show that data in a sub-summary part in Table B (sorted by Month).

It seemed that using a Looked-Up Value would provide the solution I need, but alas, it doesn't even display the data.

Apologies if my explanation is lacking important details. Please let me know and I'll do my best to elaborate further.

For the record, I'm using FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced on Mac. This database is used on a desktop, and I'm the only one using it.

Thank you in advance!

Filemaker - Related Records Example.jpg

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8 hours ago, Jay86 said:

in Table A I have a summary field of the total sum of commissions (all records).

A summary field does not total all records. It totals only records of the current found set. And when you use a summary field defined in a related table, it will return the summary of the related records only. In your example, the summary field is defined in a parent table, so it will return the value of the summarized field in the parent record (which is not very useful).

Not sure what exactly you are trying to accomplish here. A worked out example - with meaningful names for tables and fields - could be helpful.

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Let me offer a little more clarification.


Table B has a range of different fields, but I want to add a few fields from TABLE A (commissions, revenue, profit etc) to show a full financial picture.


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