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Hello All,

I have a very old script (fmp 10?) that creates User Accounts and assigns Privilege Sets.  The users are then able to Login via WebDirect (primarily).  The Add Account function is used with the following parameters:

Add Account [ Account Name: _Parent Data::Parent1_Email_TrimAndRemoveReturns; Password: _Parent Data::
Parent1_WebPassword; Privilege Set: Web_User ]
[ Expire password ]

The Password is temporary (for first login only) that is randomly generated via Custom Function.   Users are required to change their password on first login.  

The account is created but for some reason the user cannot Login via Webdirect or Client (Invalid Account/Password).  I checked the privilege sets and they all check out.  I can manually change the password form the Security Console and require a new password - and everything works as expected.   Again this script worked for years - we typically only create accounts in the fall - so if there has been a major security update or some other new requirement  that would throw a wrench in the works - well, hoping you all can help me out.  

Thank you in advance!


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Is an account actually created and enabled?


Is Access via FileMaker Network (fmapp) checked?

As for access via Webdirect...does the priv set you're assigning have this setting checked?



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On 9/30/2020 at 4:17 PM, bcooney said:

Is an account actually created and enabled?


Yes - Account is created and enabled.  


On 9/30/2020 at 4:17 PM, bcooney said:

Is Access via FileMaker Network (fmapp) checked?

Permissions/Extended Privilege's sets are correctly enabled - again - if I reset the password for the newly created account - the user is able to login in both WebD and fmapp. 

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In the Add Account Function  -> Password, I place a default, temporary (user has to reset pw on login), password of "camp1234" - notta - Still getting "authentication failed on database".  If I reset the password for the account (Security Console) everything works as expected.   

I added Reset Account Password  (with the Custom Function pw generator) immediately following Add Account function in my script -  everything works as expected.    While this is a temporary "fix" - something is really weird - I can't find anything on the web about this sort of behavior.   @bcooney I see you are a moderator - perhaps try moving me over to Security Concepts?   Not sure if anyone has had this issue.   Thanks for your efforts here!  Jim

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mainers are really having a hard time with this social distancing thing - we are not use to being so close to so many people.  Had to take a break and head for the north woods for a couple of weeks.  I was hoping for some insight on this one.  Is this a bug?  Can anyone reproduce this behavior or is it just me?  Thanks in advance!

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