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it seems that php and xml publishing will not work on Linux based servers in 19.

it is my understanding that zulu uses xml... will zulu no longer work if we port our server to linux?

opinions apreciated.



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Zulu does indeed use XML so currently it is not supported for FMS Linux. We are planning on modifying Zulu so that it will use the FileMaker Data API instead of XML so that it can be used in FMS Linux. I do not have an ETA as to when that will be. When that is available we will announce it through our newsletter and social media accounts so be sure to subscribe to those so that you know when it is available. 

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thanks for you answer. We use ZULU and would like to see this happen. 

I am all for looking forward.. but XML is still pretty hot.. hehe. they could have moved this one. 

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      Hello Crew: 
      So during beta, everything worked fine and I was delighted to see FMS 19 for Linux go into the first production release. 
      So we installed Centos 7 anew, put an instance of FMS on it - and it seemed to be running fine. 
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