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Our people out in the field take photos which go directly into the container fields, we would like those photos to automatically transfer to the camera roll/gallery. I know there is an export command and that would allow the techs to export and choose the location, save image etc... But that is a tad too complicated for them.

Any suggestions on how to automate this process, the script for export field contents doesn't have a choice to save to camera roll.

Thank you!


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grabbing my iPad to test, but I would think all photos are also on the camera roll.

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You’re absolutely correct. I’m surprised, I have never checked. Nothing is added to camera roll. If that’s a requirement, perhaps have user take photos and insert from library in FMGo. I think access to create in camera roll from FileMaker is not possible due to sandbox policy. 

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@bcooneyThank you so much for checking for me, I thought maybe I was missing something. I wonder if I could write a script to export the photos to the camera rolls. It's just not convenient  for the guys in the field to do it the other way around. They are inspecting chimneys, fireplaces and what not.

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I don’t think FileMaker can write to the camera roll. I’ll ask around. Why do you need that?

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Hi, I'm updating a site survey app (sounds similar to Caroline's) and stumbled in here looking for the same thing. In prior versions of FMG I had to instruct users to take pictures to their camera roll then import them if they wanted to ensure they had them, regardless what happened to the database. This was needed because a typical user kind of assumes every picture taken lands in the camera roll, and were unpleasantly surprised to find out otherwise after deleting a record or clearing the field.

I'll have to do the same thing as earlier versions, with a one-time reminder on the first picture that it doesn't get saved to the photo library. It would be nice to have a "also add to picture roll" option attached to "Insert from Device" (yes, I already submitted a feature request 😁).



(wow, just noticed this was my first post here in 14 years 😳. I guess going in-house has kept me distracted.)


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