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Hello guys..

A few newbie questions which needs to be answered.

I've been given a project which requires me to continue from the company's existing filemaker database (already up and running for quite a while). But i'm unable to go to the layout mode after i open up the program, any idea on how i can access to the layout mode, and how do i disable the layout mode after i have completed my form.

Another thing is, how do i go about archiving the records in the database.

Thank you in advance.

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What version of FM are you using? Is the "Layout view" item dimmed in the "View" menu - if it is it means that the file has opened using a default password which does not allow access to that mode. You will need to open the file with a password that allows this access - hold down the "Option" key (Mac) or "Shift" key (Win) while opening the file and a dialog box will ask you for the password, which hopefully the company has! Once you close the file again after working on it and reopen it without holding down those keys, it will open with the default password and deny access to layout mode again.

As for archiving, do a search on these forums for "archive" and then if your question is still unanswered, let us know a little more specifically as to what your needs are and someone is sure to come to your rescue.

Good luck, Murray

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If you're running FileMaker Server, you can have it automatically make backups according to a schedule. Also, you can use a tool like Retrospect (on the Mac - something similar for PC) to automate the backup/archive process.


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Hi guys.. Thank you for your help..

I'm using Filemaker Pro 6.

I can't seem to find any forum which talks about archiving databases..

The only 2 searches that appear in the search results, links back here..

Is coming up with a script the only way for me to archive records?

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Hi prissypan,

here are three tech articles by FMI that may help you.

Tips on Backup and File Recovery 104463


A Simple Way to Automatically Backup Files 101798


How To Automatically Backup Your Database Upon Exit 103860


Also, take a look at this thread: Thread



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Yup.. i mean moving the old data into another file..

Thanks Lee, i got a better understandin of backing up files through those sites u provided..

Another question though, are the scripts for backing up files already in-built in Filemaker? I'm still not very well versed in scripting, so if i'll be glad to have some examples.

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This topic is 6560 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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