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Hi all! Hope u can help me with this problem!

I have created a Portal that shows information,

but I would like to for each row to be able to show

more information about this row in another place

in the same layout. Can I do this? How can I make

FM understand what row I have selected and how

do I make it show more information at another location?

Plz help me and have in mind that im all new at this wink.gif

Regards Joakim

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Joakim, your question isn't exactly very clear but I'll give it a try.

If you are asking how to show more fields in the portal row than what the typical portal single field per row provides space for, you can simply increase the width of each portal row so that it can accomodate more than a single row of fields.

If, on the other hand, you are asking how you can show additional related information about the currently selected portal row, but display it not in the portal but on another part of the layout, then what you need to do is use a combination of a button/script to determine the current portal row, get and display the additional information. The script would be roughly something like:

Set Field gPortalRow, status(CurrentPortalRow)

Go To Portal Row (by field value, gPortalRow)

Go To Related Record (whatever your portal relation is)

Set field gPortalRelatedKey, whatever your matching key is for the additional info

Display the info as required

Hopefully you can understand the above pseudo code. There are many ways to do what you want, but the essential steps would be to save the current portal row in a global variable. Then the rest of your script can do what it needs to do to extract info from that portal match row. Attach this script to a button (embedded in each portal row) or one or more of the fields in the portal row and use that to run the script.

Hope that helps.


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Echo's answer may be more complex than needed. You really only need one step in your script:

Set field ( globalKey, related::relatedID )

With a relation globalKey::relatedID, you can display the related row's information.


Another fun trick is to create a global container field in the related file, draw a small color-filled rectangle (in layout mode), copy it, and paste it into the container field (in browse mode).

Then create a calculated field of type container: Case(relatedID = related::globalKey, container).

Put this calc field in your portal in the main file. Stretch it to fill the whole row. Set the graphic options to Reduce or Enlarge. Send it behind the other fields in the portal.

Now your selected row will be highlighted!

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Thanx! Yes I wanted to display additional information in

another window.. just display it not do anything else

with it...

Hope this answers will help me on my way

Regards Joakim Sj

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This topic is 7156 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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