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I need a Solution!!!!!


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Dear Forum

Right now I´m looking for a solution that can handle the purchase

of products in a regular store (for example seven eleven or gas

station stores), this kind of stores have every kind of products,

mainly eating products, so I need a solution that could give me the

ticket sale of each purchase (I gonna give the right format), save in

the database this purchase, taking in mind that we have an inventory

that automaticaly discount all the products that are sold from the

main inventory and finally give a report of the total sales by day, by

week or by month. I´m going to incorporate a termal printer for the

tickets and a money store box that opens automatically when the

purchase is done (Do I need a plug in for this or depends on the model

of the money box???). The printer and the money box I gonna buy them

in a local store.

Anyone that have it already or maybe develop it???

How much would be the price and in the case I wanted it how long is

the time to have it ready???

Thanks for your help and attention


Mario Cintora

Identidad SIG

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This topic is 5651 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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