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mail issue... ini file?

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First post here so If I mess anything up now you know why.

Just installed the trial version of 10 ( been using 5.03 ) when trying to use the mail command it opens up Eudora which is not my default email client ( as far as I can tell ) So I tried to solve the issue by removing all the files & referances I could find to do with Eudora.

All that did was cause filemaker to give me an error telling me that the file was no longer there.

Seems to me that the "Mail" entry in the ini file has to point windows to another file somewhere. Any idea how to find that file and redirect windows to open outlook instead?



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OMG .. what a pain.

I tracked down the source of the problem and am posting it here to hopefully spare someone else a little grief. After much searching I ran across this: [color:blue]"When you start Eudora, it checks for the existence of the Mapi.dll and Mapi32.dll files, usually found in the WindowsSystem folder. If these files are present, it copies Eumapi.dll and Eumapi32.dll into the System folder as Mapi.dll and Mapi32.dll. It renames any existing versions of these files to Mapi.000 and Mapi32.000 respectively.

If the Eudora setting is Always, the files are not renamed to their original names. If the setting is When Eudora is Running, the files are renamed to their original names when you quit Eudora. "

Well Eudora did not restore the file as it should have so the Mapi.dll file was pointing to eudora instead of outlook. I copied the mapi.dll file from another machine and put it in the system 32 folder on the offending machine. However I could not delete or repalce the old file for some reason so I renamed it Mapi.002 and then copied the new file over. Now the mail command opens outlook like it should!


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