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Function with a loop, please help

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im still a bit of a beginner with filemaker


i have been trying to figure this out but need a little help. 


I have this function


(GetAsDate ( Date1) - GetAsDate (  Date2 )  <  0 ;
 Date1 + 28 ;



What i need is to turn it in to a loop


so that 28 is added to Date1 until Date1 is higher than Date2


I have tries and testes let function and loop,


if any one could help 


Many Thanks





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1. Filemaker calculations do not loop.


2. Since you have the Advanced version, you can write a custom function. A custom function can be recursive (i.e. it can call itself in a loop).


3. Looping is not required to solve the current problem. Try =

Let ( [
diff = Date2 - Date1 ;
periods = Ceiling ( diff / 28  )
] ;
Date1 + Case ( diff > 0 ; 28 * periods )

or, if you prefer =

Date1 + Max ( 28 * Ceiling ( ( Date2 - Date1 )  / 28  ) ; 0 )
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This topic is 2607 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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