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Shaun Flisakowski’s GetNthRecord

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Hi all


I think I have this custom function in every database I use.


Case ( Start < Number ;
               GetNthRecord ( field ; Start )
                    & ¶ & AppendNth ( field; Start + 1 ; Number );
          Start = Number ;
               GetNthRecord ( field ; Start )



It is just standard practice for me to use it. 


I mostly use it to concatenate data from Portals into a single field for display.


As it only concatenates one field, I usually create a calc of all the fields I want to display and then use


AppendNth ( relate::field ; 1 ; Count ( relate::recid ) )


Is there a better way?  It just occurred to me this afternoon, that I just automatically use the FM7 custom function.


Is there an inbuilt function that I have overlooked?


I am sure I could achieve this with ExecuteSQL too.


Thanks in advance.









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The one good use for this function, which we used today was to list the foundset .. I don't think I can do that with the List function.


I have started to use the ExecuteSQL function for the related records now.  A little off topic but can you ORDER BY a value list in ExecuteSQL.


Thanks for responding.



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 to list the foundset .. I don't think I can do that with the List function.


If you are using version 13 (please update your profile), you now have a summary field for that.


Incidentally, I am puzzled why would you prefer a text field for displaying your records over a portal or a list view - where records and fields can be individually selected, clicked, formatted and whatnot.

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You could create a new function that's similar to the old, passing a second field as an additional parameter.


Case ( Start < Number ;
               GetNthRecord ( field1 ; Start ) & " " &    GetNthRecord ( field2 ; Start )
                    & ¶ & AppendNth ( field; Start + 1 ; Number );
          Start = Number ;
               GetNthRecord ( field ; Start )


Personally, I try really hard to avoid adding fields.

Where does that describe ordering by value list? Seems to describe only standard order by operations.


I think the OP meant one can "ORDER BY a *list of values* in ExecuteSQL".

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Thanks David.  That looks good.

How so?

With regards to merging.  If for example, I have a related table of fees for a product, I will append them as one field and export that for the merge.  If I export the related fields, I can insert the single merge field.

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With regards to merging. If for example, I have a related table of fees for a product, I will append them as one field and export that for the merge. If I export the related fields, I can insert the single merge field.

I am not sure I understand the advantage here. If you have multiple related records, and you export them as a list, you will end up with vertical tab character as the delimiter - does Word know how to handle this?

My policy is to never add anything to the solution for the sole purpose of export; I farm it all out to XML/XSLT.

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This topic is 2597 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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