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Running Mirrorsync from Windows 7


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I'm hoping for some helpful advice before I tear my hair completely out! I've been tasked with finding/creating a solution to provide an offline sync to a Filemaker database hosted on a Windows 7 machine with FM Go on an iPad. I've tried GoZync but didn't find this user-friendly at all, so I want to give MirrorSync a go.


I've downloaded and run the installation software but it doesn't appear to install anything, it gets to about 30% of the way through the installation, opens up a zip/jar file and then states the installation is finished. Can MirrorSync be run on a Window 7 platform that's hosting a Filemaker database?


Any advice is greatly appreciated along with any other suggestions of solutions to provide offline syncing in a straightforward manner!


Thanks in advance.



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James, are you running FileMaker Server on that Windows 7 machine or just regular FileMaker Pro? If it's Pro, then MirrorSync is not supported in that configuration - FileMaker Server is required.


If you're running FileMaker Server, then please contact us at support@360works.com to arrange a screen sharing session so that we can see why the installer is not finishing.

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This topic is 2599 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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