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Importing multiple photos with SuperContainer...linking to previously created records


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So I am somewhat new to SuperContainer and to designing layouts in FileMaker.  I have a database for a film I am working on and in the database is a record for every clip we have in the movie.  We also have an image that matches the data for every clip that is in the movie.  What I would like to do is be able to batch import all of the photos (using the batch import option in the Super Container Sample) and link all of the files from that batch import to the web viewers I have setup in my film database.  I have toyed around with the address in web viewer, however since every record is a different filename I am getting confused how to link it to the batched photos I brought in with SuperContainer.  Is there an easy way to do this, so if I create new records in my film database and then subsequently batch import their matching photos, things will automatically link up?  I want to be able to use SuperContainer to speed up my database.  I am excited at the prospect of this product, just don't really understand how it works yet.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The batch import script in the SuperContainer Example file creates records in the FileMaker demo database and adds files to SuperContainer. Since you already have records in your database, this example script may not be what you are looking for. If you aren't very familiar with FileMaker layouts and scripting, it may be more less time consuming in the end for you to just use the drag-and-drop feature of SuperContainer and add your images one by one.


I have some questions that may help me make a better suggestion:

- Which version of FileMaker are using, and are you using it with a server (and which version)?

- How are you looking to speed up your database? Is something performing slowly now, or are you looking to add information more rapidly?

- How many clip records currently exist that you need to add images to?

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Thanks for replying.


- Which version of FileMaker are using, and are you using it with a server (and which version)?

I am using Filemaker 13 Advanced to design my database and I am hosting it on Filemaker Server 13.


- How are you looking to speed up your database? Is something performing slowly now, or are you looking to add information more rapidly?

I have previously just used a seperate photo database to link to container fields in my main database.  I try to use small images but with thousands of records and intermitent internet speeds depending on where I am working, the main database gets bogged down by trying to access these pictures.  I can continue to use this method, but read about supercontainer and thought it would be a better option for accessing this data over the internet.


- How many clip records currently exist that you need to add images to?

I am well into the thousands which is why drag and drop really isn't an option.


The records I have in my database are imported from a tab delimited file and I can reimport if need be.  I am recreating a database from the ground up so this is not an issue where I am concerned about migrating my infromation.  The thing that confuses me is the file structure SuperContainer creates.  If I could somehow make the Web Viewer address access the original file name, I could create a link between the filename (which is basically the clip name) and file itself.  That is what I am struggling with.  Hopefully that gives you more information into what I am looking to do.  Thanks in advance.

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From a FileMaker perspective, SuperContainer is essentially a mini-web server, and it is displaying the contents of a single folder. There is always one file in that folder. The name of the image/pdf/document within that folder is inconsequential. The URL within the web viewer on your layout is the path to the folder.


So the important part is to be able to connect some information within the filemaker table to the folder structure in SuperContainer. That path needs to be unique for each record, so for the path, I use the table name and a unique field value. For example, in a catalog, the Web Viewer path is:

"http://" & Get (HostIPAddress) & ":8020/SuperContainer/Files/CATALOG/" & CATALOG::ID


You could also use a text field, so long as you could be certain that text field would be unique. So in your case:

"http://" & Get (HostIPAddress) & ":8020/SuperContainer/Files/CLIPS/" & CLIPS::UNIQUECLIPNAMETEXT


 While the SuperContainer batch script example may not be the solution, you could automate the process depending on a few factors.


I suspect you could script the catalog building process, if let's say all your filenames did match a name in the clip record and all images were in a single folder: import the tab delimited file into an import table; then build the catalog by having a script go through each line of the import table to create the catalog record, search the image folder for a matching image name, and then use the SuperContainer plugin to import the image into the SuperContainer directory. Can't say specifically what the solution would be without getting many more details about your setup. 


Hope this helps.


360Works support is also an extremely helpful crew. I've found they are willing to make a little effort to help you be successful in using their products.


The new externally-stored container options in FileMaker Pro 13 could also improve performance. You wouldn't bloat your database or backup directory with a large database file, though I can't speak to how FileMaker's thumbnail display performance would compare to the performance of the SuperContainer web viewer. I use both solutions in different contexts.

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This topic is 2581 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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