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Suddenly all accounts, including admin, are read only?


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As stated above, no idea where this came from. Last successful edits performed a few days ago, today, no modifications allowed.


Logged in as admin remotely as well as on the server itself, same behavior. Can't change anything in the file, or in the security settings etc.


This is on the MacPro running 10.6.8, latest available OS patches, server version, running with IWP, all other web options off. 


Security:  FM accounts only; List only authorized DBs; SSL enabled.


I did install the SSL patch for 11 several weeks ago, but no adverse effects were noted at the time...


Any ideas welcome...

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This is normally a symptom of the OS-level privileges on the file being wrong.  Owner has to be be fmserver of group fmsadmin.  If it is not then FMS can not write to the files.


If you did not do anything to create this then you need to scrutinize your deployment very very very carefully for what process would do this, this could be an early sign for more issues.

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Hi Wim,


you are correct, I eventually figured that out after posting here, but it has gotten pretty strange since. Just got off a long discussion with FM tech support, and I'm back up and running, but we both agreed I should not be able to...


Briefly, my setup is I'm running FMS on the boot drive, using alternate folder for the db files, which are on a second HD. FMS backs up the files to the boot drive, where they are copied by Retrospect to tape.


A few days ago, I had modified privileges to another subdirectory of the 2nd HD to allow lab members to upload important files for backup, and inadvertently got too high in the hierarchy and included the FM data folder -> no more write access. It was not apparent for a few days, possibly because the drive with the FMS was untouched and it could continue operations etc. Only when someone wanted to actually make a change to one of the db did the issue manifest itself.


My problem now is that I don't understand enough about the OS (plain, not Macserver) to allow my to restore the fmserver user and fmsadmin group to the folders in the secondary drive hosting the dbs, i.e., these items do not show up in the get info popup when I click the +button.

(they are present on the main drive in the FM-specific folders).


Since the console was also blocked from doing anything to the files, but was allowed to close them, I manually copied the closed files to the main drive. After deleting all files on the second HD, I was finally able to get to the DB server config window in the admin console (I was getting an error that someone was already using it before), I inactivated and reactivated the alternate path for the db folder. Initially the path would not validate, until I manually added the "Admin" group to all folders in the path (that is the OS admin, not fmsadmin, which is still unavailable on the second drive, for ??? reason), then it validated correctly, and I was able to use the upload db command from the admin console to reload all dbs, which are now functioning normally again, as far as I can tell.


The weird part is, when I check the sharing/permissions of the db folders or the dbs themselves, neither fmserver or fmsadmin are listed! ???!!


I'm assuming somehow putting in the OS admin group allows FMS to work with the path and the files, but this does not make any sense...

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This topic is 2931 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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