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Installing FMS 12 on Yosemite


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Today, sixty minutes before terminating an assignment my MacMini crashed on me. It's no longer working, it doesn't want to reboot. The Server HD drive is no longer accessible. Good things the scheduled backups were done on the second drive (MacIntosh HD).

In two days from now I have an important contract and I need to have access to my database. I was able to get to the AppleStore before it closed and got another MacMini.

Unfortunately, any new Mac comes with Yosemite as the OS. I've tried to install FMS 12 and the installation stops asking to have "Bonjour" enabled. At this moment I running out of solutions. I cannot find anything which would help me to enable Bonjour. My last resort will be ton install FileMaker Pro and make it shareable through the network. I did it and seems to work fine.

However, my preferred scenario would be to have FMS 12 installed on this new MacMini with Yosemite. Has someone been able to installed FMS 12 with Yosemite as the OS? Tomorrow I only have 120 minutes I can dedicate to making this work.

Any help greatly appreciated !

Many thanks.


P.s.: in case someone ask, installing FMS 13 is not a feasible solution. If this is the case, I will wait for my next contract to finish and look on the Internet for a MacMini with Mavericks.

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This topic is 2905 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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