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Trouble with value lists "by field" and new related records created in portals


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I set up a portal in a layout for table A with respect to related records in table B.  The first screen shot shows the portal -- there is currently one related record, 1041.343US4.




I created a value list that is used in the portal.  Thus, in the second screen shot, if I click in the box, you can see all the different values.  This is working as intended.




Now, the problem I'm having is that the value list is not showing up for a new related record created in Table B using the portal from layout for Table A.  See the third screen shot.  If I click in the box, the value list doesn't show up.




However, if I were to enter anything, and press return to actually create this related record, and then go back to the newly created record, the value list appears.


That is, the value list is not showing up.  If I specify the value list as a "static" list (i.e., use custom values), it does work.  But this value list is "from field," specifically "include only related values starting from:" a table C that table A is related to.  (If I say "include all values", the problem goes away).


The relationships are as follows.  A and B are related by matter number.  A and C are related by client.  The value list is matter numbers from A, including only related values starting from table C.


Again, this works perfectly for any *existing* record shown in the portal.  But, it does not work when attempting to create a new record.


I have the relationship between A and B set up so that A can create new records in B. 


Let me know if this is clear!  It's a bit of a vexing issue.  I was thinking of work arounds, but nothing has worked so far.

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Please avoid abstract names like A, B C... - they are very difficult to follow. I think the problem is due to the new record not being related to the table where the values are coming from, until it's committed. This shouldn't be a problem if the value list were defined correctly - but I am afraid that's the point where I got lost.

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This topic is 2922 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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