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I looked at the tool only briefly.

Sorry it does not have exactly the functionality you want.

Pitch an improvement suggestion to RCC maybe.

Theme / style data does not seem to be included in the DDR so my guess would not possible. I might be wrong.

Are you that concerned with CSS overhead or is their some other benefit you see?

Just curious...

Happy Holiday


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How to find orphaned styles...are you that concerned with CSS overhead or is their some other benefit you see?




Hi Kris,


It's mostly just out of curiosity if it can be done at this point. It's that "enquiring minds want to know" thing  :)


Happy Holidays to you, as well!



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Kent, the generous people at RCC has released the above mentioned tool for free. This means that you can go in and modify the tool, so you could get a list of the custom styles used and compare to a list of styles defined. That way, you should be able to see which styles is not used.

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Hey Kent, I thought of you when I found this!  You, and everyone, CAN find which styles are unused in a theme!  And much more!


Check out fmXRaySpecs http://workflowdata.com/fmxrayspecs.html


It is free!


You perform similar process as RCC (select all objects on a layout and copy to clipboard) and it creates records from the objects.  It will Identify object names (you can search & sort), button names, conditional formatting, value lists attached and … drumroll … style names.  After you collect into fmXRaySpecs objects from all your layouts (a good informational tool anyway), sort by style and, comparing to your style tab in inspector, see what is unused.


But even more powerfully ... if you select an item in the list, you can display a graphical representation of the object highlighted on the layout to help you pinpoint it!  Wow!  I don't know about you but I've been tripped by an invisible object name that I couldn't find on a layout.  It also shows where styles have been overridden (which you will want to search for and usually fix). This all works for other areas in FM as well, such as scripts. Check it out, it does much more than I've explained also.


Did I mention it is free!!!  Sorry, it is currently Mac only.  I am really pumped about this!  It's great that we have these tools available.

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This topic is 2046 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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