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MS SQL in Azure and ESS


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Hi all!


I am trying to connect to SQL database hosted in MS SQL server, located in Azure. 


My setup: 


- Win 2012 Server, FMS 13 Advanced,

- ODBC Driver: ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server 11.0.2270.0 (64-bit)


- FMSA 13, tried MAC & WIN



Setting up System DNS without problems, test completed succesfully


Added this DNS as external DataSource in my DB.


When trying to add TO to Relationships graph , get the message: 


SQL Database & All its Tables and Views shows in "Specify Table" Dialog


"This action cannot be performed because the required table is missing"




I though that the credentials for SQL Database does not allow to see tables/ edit data. But the SQL database guy said that I have all rights there. At the moment, I can't check it


I am new to MS SQL connection, but done quite a lot work with MySQL databases. 


I would be happy to get some hints what to do. The database guy in SQL side is not very helpful. 


rgdrs, Martti 



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What userid are you using in your dsn? is it windows authentication or specified?

If you have a separate userid, try connecting directly to SQL using it with SQL Studio.

That way you can rule out SQL Permissions.


I know I had to set connect permissions on SQL.

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This topic is 2886 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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