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PHP-FileMaker & Conditional Value Lists


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Implementing a set of conditional value lists on a FileMaker layout is a relatively easy task.  So, my question is how does one translate this to a PHP solution based on that layout?


I understand that it can be done and that Jonathan Stark detailed one method for doing this in an article for the now dead Adviser magazine (an article that I can't seem to find anywhere).


Can someone tell me how to get started doing this (getting the second value list field to populate correctly on a PHP created page) or point me in the direction of resources that will help me learn how to complete this task?


 I need this knowledge for several upcoming projects.


 Thank you for any and all help that you can provide



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AFAIK, there is no way to directly have a Conditional VL show on a web page - I am very happy to be proven wrong on this however...


I've used some small AJAX functions to make each query required to fill out the next drop down - perform the initial find on page load to populate dropdown 1, then fire a query via AJAX to populate dropdown 2 when a value is selected, etc.


I don't have working code available for this - it's a few years since I wrote a page that needed this...




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This topic is 2882 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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