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We are looking for a FMP POS solution or a consultant that has built one in the past.  I have experience programming FMP but don't have the time or energy to build one from scratch and have no desire to reinvent the wheel.


I figure someone out there must have built a robust and full featured POS solution.  I have searched but the solutions I have found have been very lightweight and not robust enough for a two terminal retail store.


The main requirements are:

- Cash Drawer

- Thermal receipt printer and normal printer with auto switching.

- credit card (360 plugin or similar) - via mag stripe reader or manual entry

- split payment  (ie $10 in cash, rest on card, etc.)

- Returns, either by entering invoice # or returns without invoice.  return as cc refund, or cash

- Gift cards  tracking (just a unique barcode on preprinted card)

- Sales tax y/n for customers  for customers we enter all data for.

- quick sales without needing customer info

- sales tax reports.

- inventory management - of course

- bundling on sales. Ie enter a SKU and all items in that bundle are listed on invoice but the bundle price is not the same as the sum of the individual prices.

- quantity discounts  ie $1 each or three for $2.75 but can mix and match different pre determined SKUs for the bundle. Think favors of candy, each with a unique SKU.

- fast item entry - either type SKU and hit return or use barcode

- no mouse on basic sales-  tranaction including payment can be done with keyboard - OK to use macro keys on keyboard.  Complex things like returns, can use the mouse, just not the basic store sales tranaction as a mouse is too slow.

- multiple SKU per item - hey it happens when vendors change barcodes on us

- Open solution

- Daily register balance reports

- Reports not so critical as we can build as needed

- database schema normalized. I shouldn't have to mention this but our current POS (not FMP) is a mess and would make Codd turn over in his grave.


If you have or know of a robost FMP POS solution please either contact me or post here!!




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This topic is 2867 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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