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Download personalized backup


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Frankly I did know in which section to post my question. It's related to fm server, fm go, scripting, etc.

I currently have an update system for my fm go solution that works like this.

1. User syncs his data .

2. User downloads an (almost) empty version of the database that is stored in a container field of an another hosted database.

3. User syncs to get his data.

This works well except that the full sync process at step 3 can take too much time since the user will have thousands of personalized records across many tables.

What I would like to do is to replace the database that is stored in the container field by a version of the full database that will contain the user data. For example, the script could make a copy of yesterday's backup, strip down the data to include only the data related to the user and store the db in the container field. That way , when the user syncs at step 3 it will only have to download the data of the last day.

Any Idea how to proceed ? I tried different things but so far I have had no success at all updating the container field with a server's file in a script that is launched by the client. I tried perform script on server and it did not make any difference.

Anyway I will take any advice :)

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What is the problem you are trying to solve?  Version upgrades for the database?



The current system I use is working but like I said it can be painfully slow.

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I finally have something that works by using a mix of Powershell scripting, vb script et Filemaker scripts


The only problem is that I must stop the server while doing this because I must run different scripts on offline copies of the database.


I have a main script that creates copies and I get the message "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer" on startup and each time I get back to the original layout .


From the Filemaker Help

If you need FileMaker Server running on this same computer, then just ignore the error message, as FileMaker Server is designed to share files.  Just ignore the message and continue working with FileMaker Pro.


Yeah that's great but how do I ignore this message box by script without human intervention ? The script is paused by this message..



If I stop Filemaker Server prior running the script everything is fine.

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This topic is 2831 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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