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import text via http (style sheet ?)

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i want to import into filemaker from a text file which is a result of a http request.

(in filemaker 11!)

actually, what i get back from the http-request in a browser is a simple
OK 1204888105
now, if i do this via filemakers script step “Import Records” and XML Data
to be able to write a http request, i get the obvious error:
XML parsing error:

invalid document structure

Line Number: 1
Column Number: 1

so i was wondering, if there is a possibility to write a XSL style sheet, that can help me
grabbing this text into a record.

a style sheet, that presents this short text to filemaker as XML data ?

thanks for any thoughts !


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I am not completely sure what you are trying to do, but if the result is just the text you show here then it isn't in XML notation and I don't think a style sheet would help.  If it is an html page then insert from URL is what I would suggest but it looks like you are on FM11.  If this is a response to an API call of some sort I think your best bet would be the Baseelements free plugin. (http://www.goya.com.au/baseelements/plugin)

Then maybe you could use the BE_HTTP_POST ( url; parameters {; username ; password } ), to request the page and then the results come back and you can capture those to a field or variable.

Set Variable[ $result; BE_HTTP_POST (  url ; parameters {;  username ;  password } )]

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