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Consume Web Services

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I need to consume 4 SAP Web Service from a FileMaker solution. The service uses a SOAP Protocol, so a .xml request to the web service needs to be generated and sent to the web service. The result will come back as another .xml over which some parsing will be required to extract the result of the request.


I have learnt that this kind of situations was solved in the past with the FM Nexus Web Services Plug-in. The plug-in "read" the WSDL document, which in essence defines the web service functions, and created a bunch of external functions that could be used right from our FileMaker calculation dialog. These functions automatically generated the request .xml file to be submitted to the web service. Additionally, the plug-in provided some functions to parse the .xml returned by the web service by using XPATH syntax. So it was a nice round solution!


I have not been able to find an alternative solution to FM Nexus Web Services Plug-in, since it is not available anymore. I have been trying to evaluate if ScriptMaster could be of any help. I have reached the conclusion that I would need to develop some Java code to write a ScriptMaster module and then create a plug-in to be used as an external function in the FileMaker solution.


The problem is the Java code, since I do not have any knowledge on that. So, I need somebody that could write these 4 ScriptMaster modules for me. Could these be done by 360Works? I am open to give more details to anybody interested, so a quote could be prepared to estimate time & cost.




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Did you try to import the record(s) with FileMaker Import XML( and XSLT? )

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As far as I know the process is as follows:

  1. First of you need to compose an .xml request which follows the description of the web service stated in its WSDL document.
  2. The correctly composed .xml request needs to be forwarded by http / https to the web server where the service is hosted.
  3. The web service returns, hopefully, an .xml with the result of your query.
  4. Then you need to parse the received .xml to extract the data. The extracted data typically ends into a global var.
  5. To end with, you take the global var and create records and fields into you data base.

The problem, to me, is how to do 1,2,3 & 4 steps...


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This topic is 3084 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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