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ExecuteSQL() sums and group by ERROR...

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Hey gang,

Trying to figure something for a fellow lister. I am tring to run a query in FileMaker using ExecuteSQL() that works perfectly when I run a similar query in a normal SQL editor:

SUM(i.Quantity) AS sQTY  

FROM invoice_invoicelines_Product p  

JOIN invoice_InvoiceLines i ON p.pk_ProductID = i.fk_ProductID AND i.fk_InvoiceID IN (1,2,3)  

WHERE p.pk_ProductID IN (1,2,3)  

GROUP BY p.pk_ProductID

It produces a "?" (which is very informative).

I guess need to know if this is too much for FileMaker's SQL engine or if FileMaker is going to force me to use something that is not tradition SQL protocol/syntax.


Any feedback would be appreciated.

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? return indicates a syntax error. you already know that.

you might want to check out...





My guess would be to look at FMSQL implementations where In () is used. I suspect that the single quoted list is the problem.


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error is determined if you put EvaluationError() around the query. Look up the standard FM errors.

But I see TWO columns (fields) in the SELECT and both must be in the GROUP BY (not just an FQL thing...). GROUP BY needs all non-aggregate columns listed, comma-delimited:

GROUP BY p.pk_ProductID, p.Description


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This topic is 3052 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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