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FM13 to FM14 Web Viewer DWF file


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Hi Everyone!

I have a problem with something that works fine in FM13, but does not work in FM14.  I am using a web viewer to display a *.dwf file, which is an Autodesk file we use commonly for displaying drawings.  For those who are unfamiliar, think of it as Autodesk's version of a *.pdf. 

I'm running Windows 7, and I have the Autodesk Design Review Software installed.  When I access the file in Filemaker through the web viewer in FM 13, it displays right in the web viewer, which is what we want.  If I do the same thing in FM14, however, it wants to open in the outside application.

To demonstrate this, I created a stripped down version for FM13, and one for FM14, and I've included a TEST.DWF file.  To use my tests, you would need to save the TEST.DWF file, and insert it as a file reference using the "Insert File Ref" button.  Then, you should be able to toggle between "Show Google.com" and "Show File Ref" to demonstrate the problem.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


FM 13 Web Viewer.fmp12

FM 14 Web Viewer.fmp12

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I'm just writing to clarify this problem.  I still haven't found the solution.

With Autodesk Design Review installed on the system, I can open the DWF files directly with Internet Explorer.  It will display the file right in the browser.  And, when I use a web viewer in Filemaker 13, it shows the DWF in the web viewer.  But, when I do the same with Filemaker 14, it does not open in the web viewer.  Instead, I get a dialog box to open it in an external application.

Thanks in advance for any insight you may have to offer.

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Hey Everyone,


We have discovered the problem!  Unfortunately, we still don't have the answer. 


The problem seems to be with 32 bit vs. 64 bit versions of Filemaker 14.  I installed the 32 bit version on my system, and then my DWF viewer did open inside the web viewer, just like it has with FM13.  But, installing the 32 bit version in our whole company is really not an option, especially since we have moved to the 64 bit version of MS Office, and we need 64 bit Filemaker to work nicely with that.


So, now here is my question:  Is there a workaround so that I can continue to use the 64 bit Filemaker 14, and enable it to display the 32 bit DWF viewer in the Web Viewer layout element?  This will be on Win7, and Windows Server 2012.


Thanks in Advance

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That's not what I meant.  When you use the 64-bit version of FM and you ask it to open a DWF file and it opens a new browser window: can you confirm that this new browser window is the 32-bit version of the browser (even though you are using 64-bit FM).

If I am correct then the thing that governs the whole thing is that Windows knows that the DWF viewer is 32-bit only so it can not render it in the 64-bit FM web viewer and decides to open the 32-bit browser.

So the only way out of it would be to have a 64-bit DWF viewer...

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This topic is 2996 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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